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Introducing AdrenaCare RX

AdrenaCareTM Glandular contains kosher adrenal gland extracts, which were first used by Sir William Olser who is considered the father of modern medicine and a pioneer in the treatment of adrenal gland dysfunction. AdrenaCareTM Glandular also contains ashwagandha, schisandra, rhodiola and ginseng, which are adaptogens that can aid the body in the stress response. Adaptogens contain heat shock proteins that enable living beings to adapt to stress. Our bovine glandular and adaptogen blend is designed to strengthen the nervous system, decrease fatigue and anxiety; improve, mood, sleep, concentration, energy, stamina, metabolism, immunity and sexual function, and aid in weight management. Our bovine adrenal gland extract provides adrenal hormones, which are quick acting and short lived. While our adaptogens, last much longer throughout the day and provide long lasting adrenal support. AdrenaCare Glandular is recommended for those experiencing moderate to severe stress. It combines the benefits of long acting adaptogens with short acting potent adrenal gland extracts. Therefore, it is only necessary to take AdrenaCareTM Glandular once or twice daily*.

AdrenaCareTM can be used in combination with SerenCalmTM, Stress B RxTM, EasyCalmTM, SleepEasyTM, Amino RestoreTM, Stress C RxTM, Mineral CareTM and L-Theanine RxTM to promote adrenal gland health and relieve stress-related symptoms*.

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