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5 Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin, is naturally produced by the body as a response to sun exposure. Your body uses it to absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus that make your teeth and bones strong. Vitamin D also supports your muscles, nerves, and immune system. You can get it…

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Arginine Replete A Powerful Arginine Supplement

Arginine is an amino acid, and, like a lot of amino acids, it plays many different roles in the body. It helps cells divide and encourages the healing process. It is used by the body to make citrulline and arginine. Citrulline helps stimulate growth hormone and insulin release and protein synthesis, rid the body of…

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A Quick Guide to the B Vitamins

A Quick Guide to the B Vitamins The B vitamins are all necessary for your health, playing vital roles in your metabolism. The best vitamin B supplements carry them all in one package, the whole B complex. Below you’ll find a quick look into the b vitamins and their benefits. B1 is thiamine (or thiamin).…

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Ladies, Revive your sex life naturally with VitaPro!

  Ladies, Revive your sex life! There are several sex drugs out there for men but very few to none for women let alone one that is natural! TaylorMDFormulations’ VitaPro is a peptide that positively impacts desire and arousal in women and leads to an increased sexual experience. Many report having more and intensified orgasms…

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Dr. Taylor’s Simple Healthy Morning Routine

Being active is vital to your health. Even if you’re only walking, that’s a lot better than staying still! Have you’ve been inactive for a few months now? Make a promise today, you’ll get out and start walking at the very least. What if I don’t have the energy or motivation? You have to get…

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