I’m glad a friend recommended Amino Restore to me. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’ve certainly felt much better. I’ve tried chocolate and it’s actually not bad at all. Would recommend. Thanks

Amino Restore is Awesome

1. Amino Restore is one of the best tasting products, fully loaded with nutrient supplements on the market.
2. I find the Amino Restore to actually be a treat that I look forward to every day.
3. The liquid Stress B Complex has sweet appealing taste that makes it enjoyable to take daily.

Overall, as a practioner I am very satisified with the high quality of Taylor MD products. I can be assured that I am providing the most complete supplemental line to my patients.


In December of 2011, I attended my first seminar. I expected to learn more about natural hormone replacement and maybe a little about other topics. Much to my suprise it was just the opposite. After 5 minutes of hearing Dr. Taylor speak, I knew my money had been well spent! What I thought would be a continuing education seminar actually turned my life around and changed what I thought could never be changed-ME. My BIA and HRV reports were terrible and I knew that if I could change the way I felt then I could help many of my patients. I came home with the BIA machine and H2CG Metabolic kits. Several pounds and inches later, I felt 20 years younger. Several months later the weight and inches are still gone. After the program, I started the Amino Restore (this is the best tasting, good for you powder I have ever had!!!!), Mineral Care, and MaxHealth Vitamin. I can’t imagine life without my Hot Chocolate, a.k.a. Amino Restore, and the MaxHealth Vitamin. I feel 20 instead of 42. My patients are beginning to see their lives change as well and come back every month for Amino Restore and the MaxHealth Vitamin.
With TaylorMD products and the information from Dr. Taylor’s seminars, lives can be changed forever!!!

DB, NP Jellico, TN

I had a patient come in to office who works in law enforcement and was so stressed she wanted to discuss with me about a voluntary commitment to Ridgeview which has an outpatient psych program. Pt could not sleep and had anxiety attacks and would not get out of bed and this was on Wellbutrin twice daily. She could not work or preform routine daily activities. I must admit I was somewhat uncomfortable but since she was not suicidal or homicidal I thought it was worth a try so I gave her a bottle of the SerenCalm and instructed her to take it twice a day and to return in exactly seven days. Pt did return and to my surprise she was actually smiling and appeared happy. She reported that on the third day she felt better and acutally could get out of bed, by the fifth day she was able to focus and the anxiety was gone, and on her visit in the office she felt so much better she had stopped the Wellbutrin and was able to schedule an appt with her supervisor at work to discuss her work related issues. She continues on the SerenCalm and is doing well. We are planning on doing other testing on her when she returns.

This was several months ago now we use several of the Taylor MD products also with good results.

Dr. CB, Marietta, GA